Schedule 2015


Time/Track AntiFreeze Hamburger Bumper Massage Submerssion Therapy Quantum Superposition
9:30 AM Welcome to GrrCON
– hosted by EggDropX
10:00 AM Subject matter to be determined by the number of federal agents present in the audience
– Chris Roberts
11:00 AM Breaking in Bad (I’m The One Who Doesn’t Knock)
– Jayson E Street
Security Incident Response
– Derek Milroy
Ticking me off: From Threat Intel to Reversing
– Juan Cortes
Executive Summit
– Invite Only
11:30 AM Securing Today’s Enterprise WAN
– Andy Mansfield
Noon Shitty Pentesting: A Rant in D minor
– Mark ‘B31tf4c3′ Kikta
Hacking the Next Generation
– David “HealWHans” Schwartzberg
Footprints of This Year’s Top Attack Vectors
– Kerstyn Clover
12:30 PM The art of hacking a human
– Zee Abdelnabi
1:00 PM But Can They Hack?: Examining Technological Proficiency in the US Far Right
– Tom Holt
Findings Needles in a Needlestack: Enterprise Mass Triage
– Keven Murphy
Welcome to the Internet of (Insecure) Things
– Chandler Howell
1:30 PM My boss is our biggest vulnerability
– Tom McKowen
Medical Devices, the Flat Network of Unknown Risks –
– Arlie Hartman/span>
2:00 PM The wrong side of history: Everything that is old is new again
– Arron ‘Finux’ Finnon
Punch and Counter-punch Part Deux: Web Applications
– J Wolfgang Goerlich & Nerdy Beardo
Phones and Privacy for Consumers
– Matt ‘mattrix’ Hoy & David ‘deltaflyer’ Khudaverdyan
3:00 PM Poking The Bear
– Mike Kemp
Application Recon: The Lost Art
– Tony Miller
Path Well-Traveled: Common Mistakes with SIEM
– Nick Jacob
4:00 PM After Party Setup
– Setup
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Hacking Baby Monitors
– Mark Stanislav
On the care and feeding of cyberninjas
– Atlas 0f D00m
5:15 PM Hacker Family Feud
– Hand Breaking Challenge & Dinner


Time/Track AntiFreeze Hamburger Bumper Massage Submerssion Therapy Quantum Superposition
9:00 AM The Hitch Hikers Guide to Information Security
– Kellman Meghu
10:00 AM Backdooring Git
– John Menerick
Software Security IWR
– Thomas “G13″ Richards
How compliance doesn’t have to suck….at least totally
– Robert Carson & Bradley Stine
Hack For Kidz
– H4K
10:30 AM What is a cloud access broker and do I need one?
– Tom Doane
11:00 AM Spanking the Monkey (or how pentesters can do it better!)
– Justin Whitehead & Chester Bishop
Cyber 101 – Upstarting your career in a leading industry
– Johnny Deutsch
Security Frameworks: What was once old is new again!
– Brian Wrozek
Noon Adding +10 Security to Your Scrum Agile Environment
– tehEx0dus
Understanding and Improving the Military Cyber Culture
– Dariusz Mikulski
Attacks Against Critical Infrastructures Weakest Links
– Jonathan Curtis
12:30 PM How I Got Network Creds Without Even Asking: A Social Engineering Case Study
– Jen Fox
AV is not dead!
– Charles Parker, II
1:00 PM Through The Wire
– NinjaSl0th
Harness the Force for Better Penetration Testing
– Patrick Fussell
There is no perimeter
– Nathaniel “Dr. Whom” Husted
1:30 PM Targeted Attacks and the Privileged Pivot
– Mark Nafe
2:00 PM Shooting Phish in a Barrel and Other Terrible Fish Related Puns
– infosystir
Shell scripting live Linux Forensics
– Dr. Phil Polstra
Physical – Internal – Remediation
– Alex Fernandez-Gatti
3:00 PM This title intentionally left blank
– John ‘geekspeed’ Stauffacher
Can you patch a cloud?
– Scott ‘secureholio’ Thomas
No One Cares About Your Data Breach Except You … And Why Should They?
– Joel Cardella
4:00 PM This Is All Your Fault
– Duncan Manuts
Is it EVIL?
– Kyle ‘Chaoticflaws’ Andrus
Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems with the Raspberry Pi
– Rattis
5:00 PM The Safety You Think You Have is Only a Masquerade
– Nathan Dragun
6:00 PM Closing Ceremony
– hosted by EggDropX