Schedule 2016


Time/Track Thieves Pirates Mad Scientists Vigilantes
8:30 AM Welcome to GrrCON
– hosted by EggDropX
9:00 AM Act Three, The Evolution of Privacy
– Arron ‘Finux’ Finnon
10:00 AM Strolling Through Your Internet Museum
– solcrush3r
Internet of Things (IoT) radio frequency (RF) Analysis With Software Defined Radio
– Kevin Bong
Securing Trust – Defending Against Next-generation Attacks
– John Muirhead-Gould
Executive Summit
– Invite Only
11:00 AM Weaponizing Nanotechnology and hacking humans; defining the boundaries
– Chris Roberts
So You Want to Be a Pentester
– Absolute0x0
Noon Becoming a Cyborg: The First Step Into Implantable Technology
– Michael Vieau
What do you mean I’m pwn’d?! I turned on automatic updates!
– Scott ‘secureholio’ Thomas & Jeff Baruth
Five Nights At Freddys: What We Can Learn About Security From Possessed Bears
– Nick Jacob
12:30 PM Lie To Me – LIE TO THEM
– Justin ‘Buckaroo’ Whitehead
Surreal Paradigms: Automotive Culture Crash
– D0xt0r Z3r0
Make STEHM Great Again
– David “HealWHans” Schwartzberg
1:30 PM Abnormal Behavior Detection in Large Environments
– David Kennedy
Reversing and Exploiting Embedded Devices (Walking the software and hardware stack)
– Elvis Collado<
Pentester-to-customer:I will 0wn your network! * Customer-to-pentester:No, I will make you cry!
– David Fletcher & Sally Vandeven
2:00 PM How Do You Secure What You Don’t Control
– Dimitri Vlachos
2:30 PM Ghosts in the IOT
– NinjaSl0th
Threat Detection & Response with Hipara
– J. Brett Cunningham
Fighting the Enemy Within
– Matt Crowe
3:00 PM Getting to the Root of Advanced Threats Before Impact
– Josh Fazio
3:30 PM No Title Given
– atlas 0f d00m
Still broken after all these years aka Utility security for smarties
– Doug Nibbelink
Establishing Privileged Account Security Best Practices To Reduce Cyber Security Threats
– Gerret Lansing
4:00 PM Reality-Checking Your AppSec Program
– Darren Meyer
4:30 PM Secure Dicks
– Mike Kemp
Quick and Easy Windows Timelines with Pyhon, MySQL, and Shell Scripting
– Dr. Phil Polstra
How to Implement Crypto Poorly
– Sean Cassidy
5:30 PM After Party Setup
– Setup
Cruise Ship Pentesting OR Hacking the High Seas
– Chad M. Dewey
Stop attacking your mother’s car!
– Charles Parker, II
6:00 PM Hacker Family Feud & Dinner
– Hosted by Pikajoow


Time/Track Thieves Pirates Mad Scientists Vigilantes
9:00 AM Friday Keynote
– John “geekspeed” Stauffacher & Matthew “Mattrix” Hoy
9:30 AM Using Virus Total Intelligence to track the latest Phishing Document campaigns
– Wyatt Roersma
10:00 AM ..and bad mistakes I’ve made a few..
– Jayson E Street
Encryption, Mobility & Cloud Oh My!
– Bill Harmer
Contracting: Privacy Security and 3rd Party
– Nathan Steed & Kenneth Coleman
Hack For Kidz
– H4K
10:30 AM Magnetic Stripes 101
– Tyler Keeton
11:00 AM Predator to Prey: Tracking Criminals with Trojans and Data Mining for Fun and Profit
– Ken Westin
Machine Duping: Pwning Deep Learning Systems
– Clarence Chio
Alignment of business and IT Security
– Shane Harsch
Noon Guarding Dinner
– J Wolfgang Goerlich
Money, Fame, Power – Build your success as a security professional
– Nathan Dragun
Establishing a Quality Vulnerability Management Program without Wasting Time or Money
– Zee Abdelnabi
1:00 PM Back to the Future: Understanding our future but following the past
– Kevin Johnson
Tales from the Crypt…(analyst)
– Jeff Man
So You’ve Inherited a Security Department, Now What?
– Amanda “Infosystir” Berlin
2:00 PM Breaking Android Apps for Fun and Profit
– Bill Sempf
What’s in your Top Ten? Intelligent Application Security Prioritization
– Tony Miller
Piercing the Air Gap: Network Steganography for Everyone
– John Ventura
3:00 PM Attacking the Hospitality and Gaming Industries: Tracking an Attacker Around the World in 7 Years
– Matt Bromiley & Preston Lewis
Binary Ninja
– Jared DeMott
On being an Eeyore in Infosec
– Stefan Edwards
4:00 PM Security Guards — LOL!
– Brent White & Tim Roberts
Phish your employees for fun!
– Kristoffer Marshall
Welcome to The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow!
– Joel Cardella
5:00 PM GrrCON Presents, Celebrity Bumfight Cybergeddon
– Duncan Manuts & B3ltf4ce
6:00 PM Closing Ceremony & Prizes
– hosted by EggDropX