Schedule 2017


Time/Track Ghast Gig Mi-go Dagon
8:30 AM Welcome to GrrCON
– hosted by EggDropX
9:00 AM Keynote
Jayson E Street
10:00 AM Identity theft through OSINT/social engineering
– Zee Abdelnabi
Topic depends on number of federal agents in audience
– Atlas of Doom
Change is Simply an Act of Survival: Predicting the future while shackled to the past
– Bil Harmer
Executive Summit
– Invite Only
10:30 AM Dissecting Destructive Malware and Recovering from Catastrophe
– Bryan York
11:00 AM Population Control Through The Advances In Technology…
– Chris Roberts
Embedding Security in Embedded Systems
– Dr. Jared DeMott
Infosec State of Affairs: Too much Kim Kardashian – not enough Malcolm Gladwel
– Jim Wojno & Dan Kieta
Noon You Got Your SQL Attacks In My Honeypot
– Andrew Brandt
National Guard for Cyber? How about a Volunteer Cyber Department?
– Ray Davidson
How do you POC? Are you really testing a product
– Ken Donze
12:30 PM Those Phishing Guys: TA530 In-Depth
– Joe Petroske & Rachel Giacobozzi
Red Team Yourself
– Thomas Richards
Tales From The Trenches: Practical Information Security Lessons
– Michael Belton
1:30 PM 3rd Party Data Burns
– Aaron “Finux” Finnon
An Attack Pathway Into Your Organization? Reducing risk without reducing operational efficiency
– David Adamczyk
Securing the Internet of Things (IoT) -Through Security Research and Vulnerability Analysis
– Deral Heiland
2:30 PM Morphing to Legitimate Behavior Attack Patterns
– Dave Kennedy
Pen Test War Stories – Why my job is so easy, and how you can make it harder
– Aaron Herndon
The Future of Cyber Security
– Anthony Sabaj
3:30 PM Stealing Domain Admin (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the CSSF
– Jerod Brennen
Skills For A Red-Teamer
– Brent White & Tim Roberts
Building a Usable Mobile Data Protection Strategy
– David “Heal” Schwartzberg
4:30 PM Oops! Was that your pacemaker?
– Charles Parker, II
ProbeSpy: Tracking your past, predicting your future
– stumblebot
Software Defined Segmentation
– Shaun Muller
5:00 PM After Party Setup
– Setup
vAp0r and the Blooming Onion
– Justin Whitehead & Jim Allee
The Credentials in the High Castle
– Kyle Shattuck & Kyle Eaton
6:00 PM Hacker Family Feud & Dinner
– Hosted by Pikajoow


Time/Track Ghast Gig Mi-go Dagon
9:00 AM 10 Cent Beer Night: The World we now Live In
– Johnny Xmas
10:00 AM Realizing Software Security Maturity: The Growing Pains & Gains
– Mark Stanislav & Kelby Ludwig
A GRReat New Way of Thinking about Innovating for Cyber Defense (and even Cyber Offense)
– Ernest “Cozy Panda” Wong
The Shuttle Columbia Disaster: Lessons That Were Not Learned
– Joel “I love it when they call me Big Poppa” Cardella
Hack For Kidz
– H4K
11:00 AM Cyber, Cyber, Cyber – Using the killchain to accomplish something
– Amanda Berlin
Threat Intelligence: Zero to Basics in presentation
– Chris J
Infrastructure Based Security
– Chris Barnes
Noon An Employee, their Laptop and a Hacker walk into a Bar
– Shannon Fritz
The Need for Speed – Benefits of Speed Driven Incident Response
– Aaron Shanas & Joe Petroske
Defending The De-funded
– Keith Wilson
1:00 PM Eye on the Prize – a Proposal for Legalizing Hacking Back
– Adam Hogan
Learning from InfoSec Fails
– Derek Milroy
Real-World Red Teaming
– spartan
2:00 PM I’ve got a (Pocket) Bone to pick with you
– Dr Phil Postra
A Reporter’s Look at Open Source Intelligence
– Hilary Louise
We got it wrong
– Wolfgang Goerlich
3:00 PM Shadowcrew: A history and future of cybercrime
– Brett “GOllumfun” Johnson
Hidden Treasure: Detecting Intrusions with ETW
– Zac Brown
Critical Incident: Surviving my first layoff by applying BCP/DRP Principles
– Tom Mead
4:00 PM Skiptracing for fun and profit
– Rhett Greenhagen
The Black Art of Wireless Post-Exploitation
– Gabriel “solstice” Ryan
Run the App Sec program? OK…but I don’t think ‘Hello World’ has vulnerabilities
– Scott Thomas
5:00 PM Duncan Manuts VS the Internet
– Duncan Manuts
6:00 PM Closing Ceremony & Prizes
– hosted by EggDropX