Schedule 18


Time/Track Augusta Ada Lovelace
8:30 AM Welcome to GrrCON
– hosted by EggDropX
9:00 AM Keynote
Dave Kennedy
10:00 AM An Inconvenient Truth: Evading the Ransomware Protection in Windows 10
– Soya Aoyama
How to Conduct a Product Security Test: And How it Fits Into the Larger Security Strategy
– Dr. Jared DeMott
Structuring your incident response could be one of the most important things you do to bolster Security
– Matt Reid
10:30 AM Everyday De-Obfuscation
– Kyle Shattuck
Over the Phone Authentication
– Spencer Brown
How this 20 Year Old Changed the Security Industry
– James O’Neill
11:00 AM The Abyss is Waving Back…The four paths that human evolution is charging down, and how we choose which one’s right…
– Chris Roberts
Designing a Cloud Security Blueprint
– Sarah Elie
Stop Boiling The Ocean! How To Succeed With Small Gains
– Joel Cardella
Noon Crypto Gone Rogue: A Tale of Ransomware, Key Management and the CryptoAPI
– Pranshu Bajpai & Dr. Richard Enbody
Closed for crypto talk
– None
Closed for crypto talk
– None
12:30 PM So how the actual f**k did i end up as root here
– Arron “Finux” Finnon
To Fail is Divine
– Danny Akacki
Do I have a signature to detect that malware?
– Ken Donze
1:30 PM You’re right, this talk isn’t really about you!
– Jayson E Street
Living the Phreaker Life
– David “Heal” Schwartzberg
2018 SIEM Trends: What is my Mean Time to Value?
– Bill Lampe
2:30 PM Analyzing Pwned Passwords with Apache Spark
– Kelley Robinson
Zero to Owned in 1 Hour: Securing Privilege in Cloud, DevOps, On-Prem Workflows
– Brandon Traffanstedt
Advanced Attackers Hiding Inside Encrypted Traffic at the Endpoint
– Jared Phipps
3:30 PM How to rob a bank over the phone
– Joshua “Naga” Crumbaugh
Malware Mitigation Sample Detonation Intelligence Automation: Make Your Binaries Work for You
– Adam Hogan
More Tales from the Crypt…Analyst
– Jeff Man
4:30 PM Vibing Your Way Through an Enterprise: How Attackers are Becoming More Sneaky
– Matthew Eidelberg
Automate the boring Incident Response stuff
– Dan Cao
My First year in Application Security
– Whitney Phillips
5:00 PM HFF After Party Setup
– Setup
emulacra and emulation: an intro to emulating binary code with Vivisect
– Atlas of D00m
Cloud Based Security Alerting from Scratch
– John Ventura
6:00 PM Hacker Family Feud
– Hosted by Heal


Time/Track Augusta Ada Lovelace
9:00 AM Keynote
– Matthew ‘Mattrix’ Hoy
10:00 AM PwnBook: Penetrating with Google’s Chromebook
– Corey Batiuk
Social Engineering At Work: How to use positive influence to gain management buy-in for anything
– April Wright
Career Risk Management: 10 tips to keep you employed
– Chris Burrows
11:00 AM Life, Death + the Nematodes: Long live Cyber Resilience!
– Chad Calease
SniffAir – An Open-Source Framework for Wireless Security Assessments
– Matthew Eidelberg & Steven Daracott
Red vs Blue: The Untold Chapter
– Aaron Herndon & Thomas Somerville
Noon The Spies Who Didn’t Love Me
– Rhett Greenhagen (v1psta)
Threat Hunting: the macOS edition
– Megan Carney
Saving All the Money to Buy All the Booze: Learning to Hack All the Things on a Budget
– Michael Morgese
1:00 PM Automation and Open Source: Turning the Tide on Attackers
– John Grigg
The Hybrid Analyst: How Phishing Created A New Type of Intel Analyst
– Rachel Giacobozzi
Analyzing Multi-Dimensional Malware Dataset
– Ankur Tyagi
2:00 PM w.e w.e Internet Explorer Does What It Wants
– Aaron Heikkila
Dragnet: Your Social Engineering Sidekick
– Truman Kain
Physicals, Badges, and why it matters
– Alex Fernandez-Gatti
2:30 PM Pacu: Attack and Post-Exploitation in AWS
– Spencer Gietzen
Intelligence Creating Intelligence: Leveraging what you know to improve finding what you don’t
– Tomasz Bania
Murky Waters: Diving into Phishing Kits
– Kyle Eaton
3:00 PM Do it Fast, Do it Right: Incident Response to Counter Modern Attackers
– Aaron Shanas
Guaranteed Failure: Awareness The Greatest Cyber Insanity
– Joshua “Naga” Crumbaugh
InSpec: Compliance as Code
– Kent ‘picat’ Gruber
4:00 PM Hacker Tools, Compliments of Microsoft
– David Fletcher & Sally Vandeven
Threat Modeling: How to actually do it and make it useful
– Derek Milroy
Bounty Hunters
– J Wolfgang Goerlich
5:00 PM Duncan Manuts
– Duncan Manuts
6:00 PM Closing Ceremony & Prizes
– hosted by EggDropX