Time/Track Wasp Mendax Whistler Phineas Phreak
8:45 AM Welcome to GrrCON
hosted by EggDr0pX
9:00 AM I am a doctor Jim, not a Doctor:
A Guide to Becoming a Security Consultant and What that Means

Kevin Johnson
10:00 AM The Cavalry isn’t coming
Nick Percoco
Atlas of d00m
Establishing a Vulnerability and Threat Management Program
Chris Banta
Trust but Verify
Chris Bissel
11:00 AM Bringing Hackers Back Into The Intel Business with OSINT
Zeus C&C for Tech Support
David Schwartzberg
Weaponized Security
Kellman Meghu
Making Attacks Go Backwards
Josh ‘FuzzyNop’ Schwartz & Matt ‘HastiSec’ Hastings
11:30 AM Hack the Youth/Generations
NOON Lunch Break
1:00 PM Core Linux Security: 0-Day Isn’t Everything
Mark Stanislav
Every time I load your app God kills a kitten
Alex Chaveriat & Matthew Sjoerdsma
Building Risk Visibility into Your Firewall Management Process
Matt Dean
CCDC and Industry
James Siegel
2:00 PM A criminal’s guide to all things socialy
Gavin Ewan
Ghost in the PowerShell: Becoming a Cyborg by Automating Security
Nicolas Jacob
Automated Malware Analysis on the Cheap
James Pleger
Business Adaptation or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Internet’s Unclean Conflicts
Rockie Brockway
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM We Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Status!
Chris Silves
Three Rivers
James Palazzolo
Cloud Incident Response
Wyatt Roersma
Futurama vs. Roman Gods: Real-World Hostname Popularity
Sean Wcisel
4:00 PM A funny thing happened on the way to Shetland….
Chris Roberts
Are your security devices secure? Are they defensible?
Alexander Muentz
After Party Setup
GrrCON Staff
Popping the Penguin: a beginner’s look at Linux persistence
Mark Kikta
5:00 – ?? After Party


Time/Track Wasp Mendax Whistler Phineas Phreak
9:00 AM Burning the Enterprise with BYOD
Georgia Weidman
10:00 AM Pwnage from the Skies!
Philip Polstra
Developing Successful InfoSec Professionals from C Students
Brad Wilkerson
The Science of Security Automation
Paul Cochran & Toni Buhrke
BOHICA: Your users, your problem.
Joel Cardella
11:00 AM What’s ‘Context’ got to do with it!
Arron Finnon aka f1nux aka The Steven Seagal of IDS research
Defensive OSINT: Getting Pwnd is Personal
Tom Richards and Justin Hohner
Threat Defenses
Tom Clare
Pwn the Fone: Automated Attacks Through Acoustic Analysis
Chris Hansen
11:30 AM 50 Shades of Purple(teaming): Getting penetration testing into a conservative company
Scott ‘secureholio’ Thomas
Outside the box: A discussion around alternative security approaches
Keir Asher
NOON Lunch Break
1:00 PM Beautiful Models
J Wolfgang Goerlich
Is Auditing C/C++ Different Nowadays
Jared DeMott
Enterprise Vulnerability Management
Derek Milroy
Dancin’ With Dalvik
Thomas Richards
2:00 PM TBA
Duncan Manuts
“I’d DAP that CI style” – Security Reporting Fixed
Putting Your Business On the Witness Stand: Security In the Age of Due Care
Jim Redd
Matriux Leandros – An Open Source Penetration Testing and Forensic Distribution
Prajwal Panchmahalkar
3:00 PM Hacking Giveaways, Contests, and Polls for Fun and Profit!
Matthew Bryant
Network Security For Fun and Profit, Is Dead
Isaac Jones
Modern Malware Review
Scott Knapp
The Droid Exploitation Saga, All Over Again!
Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder
3:30 PM Forensics Challenge Walkthrough
Brett Cunningham
4:00 PM Security Counterknowledge
Mike ‘SillyPants’ Kemp
5:00 PM Closing Ceremony (Prizes & Awards)
hosted by EggDr0pX