GrrCON Talent Accelerator Program


To cultivate an environment of professional growth and provide opportunities to develop high demand InfoSec skills.


TAP is a structured, one-to-one partnership that focuses on developing the skills of mentored participants. Providing opportunities for participants to engage and receive mentorship from professionals in the field of information security. TAP will connect enthusiastic learners with committed professionals for the benefit of the entire InfoSec community. Mentorship will include motivation, support, and overseeing the development of a project related to the field.



  • Provide mentorship through the pairing of entry level skilled individuals with an experience veteran in the field of information security
  • Provide opportunities to explore career options within Information Security
  • Provide (at least quarterly) hands on workshops to allow for participants to receive real world training in areas of interest dictated by participants. Not a monthly presentation
  • Mentees will complete a project related to their field of interest
  • Provide visibility to mentee and mentor through project presentations at the annual GrrCON conference
  • Increase marketability of both mentees and mentors through skill development
  • Develop and maintain a model that will encourage continued partnership from mentors and mentees beyond the program



    The GrrCON Talent Accelerator Program seeks to provide participants the opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge in information security. This program encompasses participants from the classroom to the boardroom. This unique approach provides collaboration and networking opportunities for all involved. At the core of TAP’s mission is to increase the available talent in the realm of information security for the purposes of employment and career advancement.


    In the GrrCON tradition, everything will be free.


    The program itself will kick off at GrrCON

    Mentor Registration

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    Mentee Registration

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    Contact TAP at GrrCON dot COM for general inquiries and questions.