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  Roman Eng

Cyber Security Advisor – AI Researcher – Strategist

Roman is an advisor and technologist with deep expertise in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Over 30 years of professional experience in incident response, risk and compliance, and building secure data centers, servicing the largest organizations in the Midwest. He is a doctoral student in Computer Science at Clarkson University with a research focus in AI Safety, Governance and Explainability. His research aims to contribute to the safety and trustworthiness of machine learning models, preserving humanity’s wellbeing in the era of AI advancement. The “good” in humanity must be preserved – Keep the Humanity in AI


  Rachel Giacobozzi

Principal Research Lead at Microsoft – Customer Ready Intelligence Team

Rachel Giacobozzi, a Principal Research Lead at Microsoft, is a dynamic force in the world of threat intelligence. With a passion for storytelling, she weaves together the intricate threads of cyber attacks, creating cohesive narratives that not only describe what happened but also underscore their significance. Rachel’s expertise lies in translating complex technical details into clear, actionable insights for a diverse audience. In her role, Rachel champions education and guidance as powerful tools to combat phishing attacks. She believes that by empowering individuals with knowledge, we can stay ahead of cyber threats. Her commitment to growth extends beyond her own career; she recognizes that fostering growth benefits both security candidates and employers. Rachel’s approach to threat intelligence is akin to storytelling. She selects stories that matter, distilling them into concise, understandable content. Her work ensures that organizations are well-prepared to defend against evolving threats. Connect with Rachel on LinkedIn to learn more about her impactful contributions to the cybersecurity landscape.


  Tony Grey

CISO | Investor | Board Member | Info Security, Privacy, DevOps & TechOps Program Mentor | Malware Enthusiast | Leader


Investor in Governisto which offers timeboxed data protection and cyber risk program building using a SWAT style team approach of experienced practitioners working in parallel supported by in-house foundational managed services like IT asset management and data loss prevention. No more endless consulting. The managed services have outputs consumable by data protection, privacy, compliance, audit, and infosec teams as well as executive teams and Boards.

Former CISO and Vice President of Technical Operations of a US publicly traded company (Hagerty NYSE: HGTY) Executive level tech program “fixer”. Has completely rebuilt security, techops, IT governance, and devops teams and delivered multiple strategic and program level operational and governance capabilities aligned with the business needs of their organizations.

Combines business acumen and strategic business planning skills developed in multiple leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies and entrepreneurial experiences with deep experience building defenses and leading investigations in multiple “malware rich” global environments



  Dr. Jared DeMott

Principal Security Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Dr. DeMott cut his cyber teeth at the NSA, gaining important vulnerability research skills. He then shared his AppSec knowledge by teaching at various conferences and Universities. Jared was a leader in successful malware, monitoring, and pentest startups. He now manages a team at Microsoft, protecting products and customers by turning bug bounty reports into fixes for cloud services. Jared loves the field he’s been blessed to be a part of and is thankful for the opportunities to make the world safer




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