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yo mama

Thursday Morning Keynote – John ‘g33kspeed’ Stauffacher







Thursday Afternoon Keynote – Aamir Lakhani

The Lion, The Witch, and The Botnet: necromancer project

The dead have risen! This talk will show that with creative thinking, attendees can wake the dead and control previously believed retired botnets, equipped with a small army of ready and able hosts. Thousands of systems are infected with “ronin” implants waiting for a new master to step in. Essentially, participants will learn how to be cyber necromancers. Many organizations think they are safe from old and decommissioned malware. In this talk, we will commandeer decommissioned botnets and their infrastructure and determine if we can still control organizations that have long thought threats in their enterprise organizations were dead






Friday Morning Keynote – Alyssa Miller

From IRC to the Boardroom, A lifetime of hacking

Here’s a story of how a bullied 12-year old got a job, bought a computer, and hacked into one of the most prominent online communities of the time and now three decades later stands at the pinnacle of her career in cyber security as the CISO of a global organization. Forged in the IRC chatrooms of 90’s hacker culture, she stumbled through a series of serendipitous twists and turns to build a successful career.
In her keynote Alyssa Miller shares not only her journey, but the many lessons she learned along the way. She will describe how she’s used her own origin story to hack the minds of directors in some of the toughest boardrooms on Wall Street. Alyssa will discuss where these lessons can be applied to ensure new generations are able to successfully enter our community and impact the digital world with all the vigor of a 12 year-old hacker.




yo mama

Friday Wrap Up Keynote – Arron Finnon

How I accidentality became the Foreign Minister…. and other simple hacks from the frontline

So yeah this talk isn’t a talk rather a collection of weird and wonderful coincidences that left me with the ability to pretend to be the foreign minister of a rather large EU member state… Which is crazy worrying in the current geopolitical nightmare we find ourselves in, that ClappyMonkey’s mate can tell KGBs most famous brother to go and do one on behalf of one of the bigger players in Europe.
Was not so long ago we actively defended a female politicians website during an election, it was crazy how much hostile action one little website could see in any one day. However when we assessed the overall landscape of the other players in the election, a far bigger and worrying signs revealed how easy it could be to ruin people and destroyer their chances whilst undermining the trust of electorate. Dunning Kruger, confirmation bias, and straight up eejits all have cameo roles in this tale of lulz…
While i can only promise the smallest crumbs of educational walk always’, I can assure you a feast of WTF moments and with a healthy dollop of lulwuts’…..
After my 10th talk for GrrCON i guess my bio is… I’m finux, and you know i know how to rant…