Win a Free GrrCON GA Ticket

Simply be the FIRST to break the string provided to reveal a final 100% discount code.There is only 1 ticket per code, so be quick.

You will get a final code that says something like: hereisacodeforafreeticket: THESECRETPROMOCODE
Take the last part and use it as a promo code for a regular ticket. It only works once so if you code doesn’t work, you’re wrong or somebody beat you.

Shortly after the ticket has been claimed we will post the winner and provide another code, sometimes more challenging, sometimes not. The number of free tickets is only limited by the speed in which you can break our codes.

Make sure you remove any line breaks, all codes are one continuous block.


Code 1

Challenge 1 image description

Winner: Tim Russell


Code 2

Challenge 2 is located

Winner 1: Shaun Murray
Winner 2: Brandon Bailey


Code 3

Challenge 3 is located

Make sure you remove any special characters

Winner:Brandon Bailey


Code 4

Challenge 4 is located



Code 5

Challenge 5 is located



Code 6

Challenge 6 is located

Winner: Brandon Bailey