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All Day Games

Are you ready for some mid con entertainment! . Throughout Thursday & Friday play a variety of games in the Exhibitor Hall. Hosted @lintile . Get something wrong, pay the penalty. Not for the easily offended or those without a sense of humor and a strong alcohol tolerance.


Forensics Challenge – CTF

Go to the contest booth and pick up details. There are sure to be things for all skill levels. Teams up to 4 allowed.

Car Hacking Village

Brought to you by CANBUSHACK team, conference attendees will get hands on experience in hacking automotive technologies. Not only will this village be openly available to the public, but there will also be a huge opportunity to learn the art of hacking vehicles. There is no formal agenda setup, rather a table with a few automotive components and benches for attendees to interact with.


We’re back, baby! It’s your favorite no-hacking hacking event, the Open Source INTelligence Capture The Flag, coming to you live from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Think you have what it takes to track down real flags on real targets? That’s what the OSINT CTF is all about. No hacking of social media accounts, no clever vishing campaigns, just open source deep dives into the lives of complete strangers who have graciously agreed to be our volun-targets for the contest.

Signups will take place all day on Thursday, so be sure to drop by the CGSC booth. The contest will take place on Friday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, with a post contest panel at 2:00 pm to hear more from our winners.

Hosted by CG Silvers Consulting.

GrrCON Crypto Challenge

Click HERE to access the Crypto codes.

Simply break the string provided to reveal a final 100% discount code. If the code doesn’t work you’re wrong or someone beat you to it.
New codes will be added as old ones are broken.


Is your name Joe, or John, or Jo Anne? Does it have a JO in it anywhere?
What else does it take to win the competition? We can’t tell you that, but if you meet any of the other criteria you could just be our winner
Winning JO: Prize TBA

Student Debt Sux & door prizes

Details given out at Welcome
Winning Student: Who Knows

Backup Yo Data

1337 Backup Challenge
Check your bag for a Backup tape, if you find it you win!

1st place: The l33test hacker in the world mystery prize and somebodies backup data!

GrrCON Drinking Game



Enjoy the free beer (& cash bar) provided by MEND.
Go chat with Mend at their booth and thank them for sponsoring the beer..
Return to drinking free beer..
You’re welcome.

1st place: A winner is you!

Battle Tech

Once again we will have multiple Battle Tech Mech Warrior pods onsite for your entertainment through lunch time-ish on Friday.
Walk ups only.

Dungeons & Dragons Village

Have you ever wanted to play D&D but haven’t found anyone to play with? Have you heard of it but don’t know what it’s about? Well come join us for a fun introduction to the wonderful world of RPGs. This game will feature up to 6 players at a time and take you through a classic dungeon crawl.

Walk ups only. Games will restart every 60 to 90 minutes(depending on the dice rolls). There will be dice and pre-generated characters to use, you don’t need to bring anything but your nerdiness.

Hope to see you there!

Lock Pick Village

You know the drill.. Pick locks.. etc.. etc…
We typically have some new fun things for you to mess with. Like a car boot, realtor door lock box, an actual car door and the steel cage! Details on the Lock Pick Village contest will be unveiled in the village. Probably has something to do with Fuzzy pink handcuffs and an inflatable donkey-pegasus hybrid…
Prizes will also be announced at the village.

GrrCON Fat Ass Fun Run 2022

Do you like Donuts? YES! Do you like running or the idea of being a runner? FUCK NO! Well as long as the answer to the first question is YES, then come join us for the Second Annual Fat Ass Fun Run. We will take a short jaunt with lovely river views to a marvelous table with DONUTS!! Run, walk, stumble, whatever; we don’t care. Prizes will be awarded so bring you B game. We added a small fee, less than $3 to, to reduce the number of no shows which take away from those who actually want to run. We also added a free observer ticket!

Friday Oct 14th at 8am meet at the registration desk to begin the shortest and slowest run of your life. The GrrCON 1k.  Multiple prizes have been donated from amazing sponsors. T-shirts, Cash prizes, and of course Doughnuts!

You must be present at closing ceremonies to win any contest

We reserve the right change any event, competition, prize or other offering at any time.