The GrrCON Executive Summit begins at 10AM

The GrrCON Executive Summit is designed specifically for Executives and Senior Leadership with responsibility over Information Security, Risk, Privacy, and Compliance.

The Executive Summit is a peer-to-peer event with lead discussions and workshops that allow attendees to have open discussions that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to facilitate. The Executive Summit allows senior leadership to share problems, ideas, and collaborate on solutions to challenges across the Information Security landscape.



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Some of the things that make the GrrCON Executive Summit a great option:
  • Sessions are designed to address needs based on Senior Leadership feedback.
  • Provided lunch for optimal networking opportunities.
  • Registration cost is kept extremely low to encourage Senior Leaders with any, or no, budget to benefit.
  • Complimentary entrance into the Full GrrCON conference is included at NO COST to provide additional visibility into what the defenders AND attackers are talking about.
  • Registration is moderated to insure ONLY Senior Leaders are in attendance.
  • You get and give. ALL proceeds from the summit go to local charity
  • Intimate and direct access to a SMALL number of cutting edge companies that help provide solutions to your problems

    Fall Summit is INVITE ONLY




    Attendance to Executive Summit is separated from remaining conference. Non-EXECUTIVE SUMMIT sponsor Vendors will not be allowed to attend in any capacity.