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Introduction to PowerShell
Are you managing a Windows environment? Are you downloading tools for red teaming written in PowerShell? Are you working to see if malicious PowerShell is being run in your environment? If you answered yes to one of these questions, it is time to learn to use PowerShell. Being remotely associated with a Windows network, learning PowerShell is a must know these days. This workshop will take you from exploring PowerShell up to writing you first tool.

When: 10/26/2017, 10am

Note: You will need a laptop capable of running VMs and powershell.

Trainer: Matt Johnson & John Bruckler
Matt Johnson is an information security engineering and design associate for a Midwest Fortune 500 company. Matt specializes in the Microsoft Platform, Automation (primarily with PowerShell), Rugged Devops and authentication systems. Matt is a member of #misec and OWASP Detroit. He is the creator of the PoshSec PowerShell Module and has spoken at numerous conferences including DerbyCon, GrrCON, BSides events and PowerShell user groups. Additionally, Matt helps organize Converge Detroit and BSides Detroit.

John likes computers and PowerShell more than people. Currently working on the IR team for a Midwest Fortune 500 Utility.

Eventbrite - Introduction to PowerShell

Intro to Android APK Reverse Engineering
This hands-on training is focused on introducing Android APK reverse engineering to begin students with an interest in the subject. We will begin understanding the Android operating system, using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), the Android Virtual Device (AVD), examining the inside of an APK, converting the byte code to human readable format, modifying the APK, and redeploying it.Students will complete this training with experience using common tools, methodologies, and manual reversing steps to uncover Android app strengths and weaknesses.

This class will be beneficial to incident response personnel who are interested in Threat Hunting and Data Visualization & is intended for those who have intermediate and advanced skillsets.

When: 10/26/2017, 10am

  • Functional Laptop with Wi-Fi to access Internet
  • Functional Laptop that can run VM software such as VMWare or VirtualBox
  • A particular set of skills to troubleshoot their laptop when above W-Fi & tools don’t work
  • Admin / root access to install additional tools on laptop mentioned above
  • Disposable Android device or AVD running KitKat or higher
  • Android Studio plus Tools installed and tested:
  • An unhealthy trust for CON trainer’s knowledge
  • Passion to rip code apart

  • Trainer: David “Heal” Schwartzberg

    Eventbrite - Intro to Android APK Reverse Engineering

    Art of Hunting
    The art of hunting often requires the massive task of processing large data sets looking for the proverbial needle in the hay stack. In order to understand these large data sets there is a need for unique and outside the box solutions. One easy and ready solution is to apply some sort of visual interpretation. Come journey with me and explore visualization technique and try to find the reason in this unreasonable world. Leveraging python and open data sets will allow us to explore the possibilities of data visualizations. There is no need to have in depth knowledge of either hunting or python, we will provide the ability for all interested parties to participate.

    This course is designed to be a introductory course to using visualization for hunting. It is designed to be technically accessible to practitioners at all levels. To accomplish this the exercises will be written in ipython notebook hosted on a local machine. There will be exercises that require different methods of engagement from writing custom python code to implementation and improvement of python code. This will allows class attendees to choose the level on engagement that fits their technical ability and apply the concepts learned in classroom environment. The concepts taught in the classroom are inherently accessible to any level and the goal being the end state visualizations created by the exercises. To accomplish this we will be using open source data sets from large cities in order to have a clean/non attributable data set.

    This class will be beneficial to incident response personnel who are interested in Threat Hunting and Data Visualization & is intended for those who have intermediate and advanced skillsets.

    When: 10/27/2017, 10am

    Note: Laptop with Chrome Browser.

    Trainer: Joseph Ten Eyck

    Eventbrite - Art of Hunting



    Price $5
    This training is open to registered GrrCON attendees ONLY.
    This training does NOT include a ticket for GrrCON