Workshops will run throughout GrrCON and do require an additional ticket and have limited space. The small cost is to ensure attendees who sign up intend to participate. The cost is approximately $5, but seating is limited

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Kali Linux Dojo
Join the Kali Linux team for this special opportunity to strengthen your Kali skills and knowledge in a hands-on environment!

Customizing Kali ISOs Using Live-Build (Section 2: 1.5 Hours)
Kali Linux can be deeply and uniquely customized to specific needs and tasks. In this workshop, we will customize Kali Linux into a very specific offensive tool, and walk you through the process of customization step by step. We will create a custom Kali ISO that will: load very specific toolsets; define a custom desktop environment and wallpaper; leverage customized features and functions; launch custom tools and scripts; install Kali automatically, without user intervention as a custom “OS backdoor”. This workshop will guide you through all the aspects of Kali customization and give you the skills to create your own highly-customized Kali ISO, like the much feared Kali “ISO of Doom”.

Kali Live USB With Persistence And LUKS (Section 1: 2.25 Hours)
In this section we will show you how to deploy your customized Kali ISO to a secure, encrypted, USB device. Will will show you how to add standard and encrypted USB persistence so you can save your data and we will walk you through a custom LUKS “nuke” deployment that will obliterate your encrypted data when presented with a specific kill phrase. We will also will discuss strategies to help you safely and legally cross international borders with your encrypted data without compromising it. When you complete this course, you will have the skills to create a completely customized, powerful, portable Kali ISO or USB with full encryption, persistence and the peace of mind of LUKS nuke. And, to sweeten the deal, we will provide super-cool custom Kali-branded USB drives.

  • Powerful 64bit laptop with updated Kali Rolling installed natively (or in a Virtual Machine)
  • At least 50 GB free hard disk space
  • Wired networking! Please make sure your laptop has an ethernet connection available, and be sure to bring an ethernet dongle with you, if your configuration requires it
  • USB 3.0 port or adaptors

  • You should be familiar with Linux and comfortable in the command line
  • You should be able to navigate files and folder in Linux and edit text files and scripts
  • When: 9/6/2018, 10am

    Trainer: Johnny Long

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    The Mock Interview and Resume Review
    The Mock Interview and Resume Review (MIRR) workshop provides an opportunity for folks in need of resume review and/or assistance with interview tips and techniques to receive, free of charge, one-on-one time with an experienced hiring manager to work on areas of weakness. The sessions are 30 min, by appointment, with limited availability for walk-ins. This is a great opportunity to pair hiring experts with job seekers in the security community. This is not a recruiting event and slots fill quickly, so organizers ask that folks send notification if they’re unable to attend during their scheduled time. Although there are no guarantees, in 2017 around 50% of participants had a successful interview, job offer, and/or promotion within 30 days of taking advantage of services offered in the MIRR workshop.
    When: 9/6/2018, 10am

  • Current copy of your resume

  • Trainer: Mz Bat


    An In-depth Look at Stack Buffer Overflows
    stack Buffer overflows are some of the most common flaws in software that can lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. This workshop will guide you through the process of discovering these vulnerabilities and how to successfully exploit them. A brief introduction to 32 bit Intel Assembly will be included in this workshop. A basic understanding of C is helpful, but not strictly required. We will do some hands on exploitation.

    When: 9/7/2018, 10am

  • Laptop with VirtualBox or other virtualization software and at least 20GB of free space

  • Trainer: Philip Polstra


    Art of Hunting
    The art of hunting often requires the massive task of processing large data sets looking for the proverbial needle in the hay stack. In order to understand these large data sets there is a need for unique and outside the box solutions. One easy and ready solution is to apply some sort of visual interpretation. Come journey with me and explore visualization technique and try to find the reason in this unreasonable world. Leveraging python and open data sets will allow us to explore the possibilities of data visualizations. There is no need to have in depth knowledge of either hunting or python, we will provide the ability for all interested parties to participate.

    This course is designed to be a introductory course to using visualization for hunting. It is designed to be technically accessible to practitioners at all levels. To accomplish this the exercises will be written in ipython notebook hosted on a local machine. There will be exercises that require different methods of engagement from writing custom python code to implementation and improvement of python code. This will allows class attendees to choose the level on engagement that fits their technical ability and apply the concepts learned in classroom environment. The concepts taught in the classroom are inherently accessible to any level and the goal being the end state visualizations created by the exercises. To accomplish this we will be using open source data sets from large cities in order to have a clean/non attributable data set.

    This class will be beneficial to incident response personnel who are interested in Threat Hunting and Data Visualization & is intended for those who have intermediate and advanced skillsets.

    When: 9/7/2018, 10am

    Note: Laptop with Chrome Browser.

    Trainer: Joseph Ten Eyck

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    Price $5
    This training is open to registered GrrCON attendees ONLY.
    This training does NOT include a ticket for GrrCON