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Call For Papers 2023

Call For Papers for 2024 will open on January 1st 2024!

If you are interested in speaking at GrrCON follow the instructions below. The CFP will close by June 30, or earlier if we fill all available slots. We will give priority consideration to any we receive before May 1 as this helps us set our schedule early to the benefit of speakers and attendees.

Round 1 submissions close on May 1st!

Round 2 submissions will remain open until June 15th!


You must complete a form for each topic you are submitting. Please do NOT combine them.
Failure to complete all parts of the form will result in your submission being laughed at and deleted.

What do we want?

  • 50 or 25 minute talks
  • Dynamic and interesting speakers. If you plan to kill people with terrible, unreadable slides go elsewhere. 
  • Topics of interest to Hackers & Information Security professionals.
  • No sales pitches. We realize the majority of speakers are supported by their organizations and that’s acceptable, but no blatant buy my product talks will be allowed. 

What do you get?

  • Speaker Badge with VIP access
  • Invitation to Speaker dinner on September 25th (on us)
  • Opportunity for a good time
  • Our undying love
  • We do not typically pay for travel. If you think you are worth it, let us know. we’ll decide