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9:30 am – AGI Transformation of Cybersecurity Leadership

  Roman Eng

Cyber Security Advisor – AI Researcher – Strategist

In this enlightening presentation, we dive into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in the post-Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) era, provoking the notion of replacing the traditional CISO role with intelligent AI agents. This talk explores the intricacies of AGI and the future implications for executive decisions and cybersecurity leadership. We will take a look at the importance of upskilling human agency, offering actionable insights into how current cybersecurity professionals can adapt and thrive in this new era. With the thought of balancing the potential of AGI with irreplaceable human values, we set out on a journey to find a synergistic model for future cybersecurity frameworks that aligns with the dynamic, rapidly evolving threat landscape.



10:45 am – Intel Driven Cyber Security

  Rachel Giacobozzi

Principal Research Lead at Microsoft – Customer Ready Intelligence Team

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and advance, companies need to rely on additional analysis to help understand, prevent, and mitigate cyber attacks. Intel driven cyber security is at the forefront of understanding the threat landscape. I will talk about the differences between Strategic Intelligence and Tactical Intelligence. Provide tips on how to use external cyber threat intelligence resources and focus internal threat intelligence teams. Finally, we will walk through a few highlights in the current threat landscape that my team sees on a regular basis.



1 pm – Get and Maintain Executive Attention: How To Leverage Lowly Assets To Drive Mission Critical Executive Conversation About Enterprise Risk

  Tony Grey

CISO | Investor | Board Member | Info Security, Privacy, DevOps & TechOps Program Mentor | Malware Enthusiast | Leader

Ever felt like executive eyes glaze over when discussing infosec and cyber risk? It isn’t the cyber risk but how those cyber risks are framed. This presentation will help senior infosec practitioners up their game in terms of framing normally boring IT assets and their individual risks into more compelling landscape views of IT assets by criticality and business processes. This reframing drives higher quality conversations that can be viewed by executives through a much more familiar enterprise risk management lens.



2:30 pm – Threat Landscape Panel

   Panel Discussion

Threat Landscape looks like from the perspective of the major Cloud Providers. Based upon the volume of information/data points come through your environment.





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