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2022 Schedule



8:30 AMWelcome to GrrCON
– hosted by EggDropX
9:00 AMKeynote
– John ‘g33kspeed’ Stauffacher
10:00 AMAdversaries Rising: Looking Ahead in Security
– Dave Kennedy
Bashing into File Carving
– Dr. Phil
I Know What You Did Last Summer…
– Vincent Matteo
11:00 AMAutomating security operations with Node-RED platform
– Peter Luo
How to get the most out of your pentest
– Luke Bremer
Ransomware and the Future of Cyberwarfare
– Justin Buchanan
11:30 AMRansomware is our Institutional Narcotic. Stop. Get Some Help.
– Ben Opel
Seeing is Believing Knowing: Why Visibility Must Evolve to Awareness in CyberSecurity
– Chris Pittman
Recreating the source by hiring reverse engineers overseas
– Mike Kunz
Noon“Shifting right” with Policy as Code
– Gabe Schuyler
Stop Ransomware Before It Stops You
– Michael Drummond
12:30 PMCrossing the Event Horizon: Intergalactic Travels of a Ransomware Crew
– James Niven and Lindsay Kaye
Chasing the GOLD: Cross Data Source Detection of Golden SAML
– Yonatan Khananshvili
The Richest Phisherman in Colombia
– Nick Ascoli
1:00 PMThis Little Light of Mine, I’m Going to Get it Pwned
– Nick Schroeder & Cody Kretsinger
Solving the other half of the code security problem
– Casey Bisson
Continuous Breach Attack Simulation: A pragmatic approach to your security portfolio
– Avi Avivi
1:30 PMKeynote – The Lion, The Witch, and The Botnet: necromancer project
– Aamir Lakhani
2:30 PMStreet Cred: Fixing Auth From Passwords to Passwordless
– J Wolfgang Goerlich
Unnecessary Anxiety – Miners, NFTs, and Web3
– Jason Bevis
Hack better at the deepest levels with less pain and brain-drain
– Atlas of d00m
3:30 PMLeveling Up With Structured Threat Hunting
– Paul Jaramillo
Privileged Access Management and You
– Elliott Hirzel
Optimizing the Workforce for Cyber Crisis Resilience — An Interactive Simulation
– KJ Gambhir
4:00 PMTracing Transactions: Threat Hunting for Financially Motivated APTs
– Brandon DeVault
DFIR 102 – Investigation Methodology
– Terryn Valikodath
Trends and Strategies in the Cloud Vulnerability Landscape
– Jared DeMott
5:00 PMHow to rob a bank
– Andrew Lemon
Persevering – Tales From the Field
– Nathan Dragun
What We Do in the Shadows: Going Dark Online
– Tim K
6:00 PMDay 1 Wrap Up
– hosted by EggDropX



9:00 AMKeynote – From IRC to the Boardroom, A lifetime of hacking
– Alyssa Miller
10:00 AMPerceptions: From a Blue Pill to a Blue & Black Dress
– Jayson Street
Digital Forensics: Reconstructing an Attack in Modern Web Apps
– Kris Wall
The 5 P’s of Preparedness – Hope is Not a Strategy
– Rafal Los
11:00 AMWTF?!?!: Why do we keep doing this stuff and how do we get better
– Kevin Johnson
Cover Your SaaS: How to Overcome Security Challenges and Risks
– Justin Moss
A beyond SIEMple way to develop detection analytics
– Mak Foss
11:30 AMHey Ma’ where does malware come from?
– Alissa
API Threat Landscape: How to Remediate API Vulnerabilities Faster
– Matt Slotten
NoonStop writing malware! The Blue team did it for you
– Erik Hunstad and Alberto Rodriguez
Five Projects to Get Started in Digital Amateur Radio
– Kevin Bong and Michael Vieau
Growing into Cloud Detection and Response
– Pablo Armas
1:00When “Whose line is it anyway?” met InfoSec…
– Chris Roberts
Purple Teaming! But It’s with Your DevOps Team
– Sol Roberts
Tales from the [De]crypt Keeper: Lessons Learned from Ransomware Cases
– Steven Legg
2:00 PMHacking the Air Force to help it move faster
– Tyler Fordham
How The Sausage is REALLY Made: CloudOps for Red Teamers
– John Ventura
Domain Blooms: Do Adversaries Leverage the Zeitgeist to Do Bad Things?
– Tim Helming
2:30 PMSuborner: A Windows Bribery for Invisible Persistence
– Sebastian Castro
3:00 PMOvercoming Anti-Forensics and Foiling Botnets in the Cloud
– Matt Muir
Securing Secrets to a Billion Dollars
– Ryan Kelso
EHLO is that really you?
– Catherine J. Ullman
3:30 PMIdentity Security Blindspots – Closing the Gaps in Your IAM Perimeter
– Andy Winiarski
4:00 PMDefeating Professional Consumer Security System with $110 of equipment
– Mr. B3an
I Got 99 Problems but a WAF ain’t one
– Micah K Brown
Social Engineer Your Career
– Rachel Giacobozzi
4:30 PMThe Ransomware Protection Full Of Holes
– Soya Aoyama
5:00 PMKeynote – How I accidentality became the Foreign Minister…. and other simple hacks from the frontline
– Finux
6:00 PMDay 2 Wrap Up
– hosted by EggDropX