Student and Early Bird Tickets will Open on March 1

Regular Tickets go on sale April 1.
We sold out completely last year  

We sold out completely last year  

Corporate & VIP Tickets provide you with: All items General admission items + GrrCON VIP Badge – Access to Presentation Sessions w/ Priority VIP only table seating (many with electric) – Access to Free Workshops (separate ticket & limited seating), VIP/Speaker Lounge Access (You WANT this) shorter lines, & who knows what else..

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We reserve the right to alter any and all schedules, speakers, presentations, prizes, food/beverages, items, or any other aspect provided at GrrCON at anytime. Access to sessions may be restricted by seating capacity. Ticket Refunds are not available. If requested we MAY be able to transfer your ticket to a different attendee. You MUST present your ticket upon entry of GrrCON.
The very nature of the conference dictates that you are responsible to provide only the information you deem appropriate. ID is not required to gain entrance into GrrCON, simply a physical copy of the ticket. We make no guarantees on the privacy of any information provided.